About Us

Omega Solicitors & Advocates is a solicitor’s firm and advocates chamber, the principal solicitor is a solicitor-advocate with higher courts right (civil) meaning, we can take your case from the beginning to the end offering you legal representation from the lowest courts to the highest (including the Supreme Court) of England and Wales.

We are a solicitor firm with a difference, and we pride ourselves in what we do as one of the best legal practitioners ian the UK. We pride ourselves with the in-depth knowledge of the areas of law that we do; Family law (including public and private children law matters, divorce, financial remedy), Immigration Law, Housing Law, Employment Law, General Civil Litigation, Judicial reviews of public authorities’ decisions and Human Right practitioners.

Our goal is your satisfaction, for we know if you are satisfied you will tell other people about us.

We are a one stop shop for all your legal concerns and worries. Call us now to speak to one of our expert solicitors. We are a highly competitive UK law firm.

We pride ourselves on our open and innovative approach and in providing clear and straightforward advice.

Above all we are committed to putting you first.

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